Our Horses

Our Horses

Thoroughbred ex-racehorses can be like Veterans, Serving Defence Personnel and FIrst Responders: they are highly-trained, often institutionalised and often finish their career with physical or mental health challenges through no fault of their own.

These magnificent beasts provide a feedback loop or mirror while we work with them.  You can’t lie to a horse and they give you feedback through their behaviour that provides the opportunity to regulate emotions and body language and build a really rewarding relationship. Even if you’ve never spent time with a horse before.

Thoroughbred’s are highly sensitive and intelligent horses which means they are terrific to work with when learning horsemanship skills.  They are incredibly flexible providing them a breadth of opportunities for second careers for example in recreational pursuits such as trail-riding, performance horse sports such as dressage and jumping and as therapy animals.

Below is information on some of the Thoroughbred ex-racehorses  we are currently working with. We have included Bazaconi as he is the star of our documentary–The Healing.

Bazaconi Featured

Baz (Bazaconi)

17yr old Thoroughbred Gelding

Foaled 18 October 2006

As featured in the film ‘The Healing’.

Thoroughbred Bazaconi is a direct descendent of the sire line to the Darley Arabian. He was born on 18 October 2006 from mare Bazalgette who was linked to the Royal Mares, and by stallion Bianconi who had 3 huge wins in Ireland and Australia. Bazaconi wasn’t so lucky on the racetrack, winning once at the Moruya Club, but is a striking dark bay horse with an intelligent looking white eye.

Bazaconi came to Scott at the end of his racing career with a twisted neck, appalling posture, anxiety and constantly in flight mode. Baz became a therapy horse in 2015 to military veterans and went on to help many more veterans to find hope and healing and in turn helped Baz to calm and be less flighty.

He is now owned by Georgia Young as an equestrian horse. You can follow Baz and Georgia on Instagram @ottbazaconi



5yr old Thoroughbred Gelding

Foaled 3 July 2018

After retiring from racing, DJ spent a year spelling and then began his re-education to become a riding horse with his owner. DJ is a kind natured boy and is currently in training with Heartland.


Jack (Haptic)

10yr old Thoroughbred Gelding

Foaled 18 September 2012.

Donated to HorseAid by Godolphin.

Won $224,500 in prizemoney during his career as a racehorse. Jack is a calm and soft soul, he has apparently had a history of show jumping with previous owners, however, we have not been able to confirm this.

He has been re-training with Scott since May ‘23 after ending his racing career.

Dream Horse Aid Veteran Mental Health Program

Dream (DayBreak Dreamliner)

6yr old Thoroughbred Gelding

Foaled 18 March 2017

After racing career went on to become a successful showjumper. However, was handed over to Scott this year due to extreme anxiety when out at shows. Dream has exceeded our expectations and has become a superstar, he is now part of Heartland’s lease horse program.

Big Red Horse Aid Veteran Suicide Prevention Programs

Big Red (Ascetic)

4yr old Thoroughbred Gelding

Foaled 20 September 2018.

Donated to Horse Aid by Godolphin.

Trained under James Cummings for his short lived racing career with no recorded runs (unknown reason). Big Red has shown aptitude so far in his training and will likely become a lease horse at Heartland in the near future.

He has been re-training with Scott since May ‘23 after ending his racing career.