Scott Brodie

Professional horse trainer, coach, mentor and facilitator of programs connecting veterans and first responders with fellow high achievers – the Thoroughbred ex-racehorse – to provide emotional connections and bonds to improve mental health wellbeing.

Scott Brodie is far more than an outstanding horseman. He has dedicated his life to coaching people whether that be in institutions, on the sporting field, or within the community in which he lives.

His career started as a horse trainer and riding instructor for the NSW Mounted Police. Two decades later his horse training techniques are still recognised by the mounted section and Scott continues to be called upon to assess and train potential police horses.

Scott’s practical coaching and mentoring skills have seen him working with inmates at the St Heliers Correctional Centre since 2012 helping them develop personal qualities and horsemanship skills. He provides a mentor figure for many inmates who have never had a positive role model in their lives. Working with horses helps inmates learn skills such as empathy, commitment, control and also communication techniques which allow them to be better equipped to tackle problem solving and calm decision making; skills in much need once they leave the Centre. Scott has achieved outstanding results enabling many inmates to lead productive lives. Many of them work within the equestrian industry following their release.

Since 2011, Scott has worked within the racing community including time spent with Racing NSW. He has since developed and led programs to re-train and educate Thoroughbred racehorses as they leave the race track at the end their racing careers. This transformation from racehorse to riding horse has achieved outstanding success rates inspiring all involved. Most recently Scott has worked in conjunction with Godolphin racing stables and the Thoroughbred and Veteran Welfare Alliance to provide support to veterans experiencing PTSD and the rehoming of several horses.

Scott Brodie
Scott Stallion

As a stalwart member of the community, Scott has spent over 30 years as a coach for Surf Life Saving Australia and over 20 years coaching rugby union from schoolboy to ​national levels.

Scott’s personal experience of PTSD, following a near-death accident whilst volunteering as a surf lifesaver, enabled Scott to have the first-hand experience with the healing power of horses. A virtual lifeline was thrown by the mounted police and he re-entered the world of horse training, allowing him to recover from clinical depression. His connection with these gentle giants slowly allowed Scott to recover from his depression and to recognise that fellow police officers experiencing similar challenges would benefit from working with horses.

Scott’s extensive and intimate knowledge and understanding of horses combined with more than 30 years of getting the best out of people in many walks of life have attributed to his understanding of both the human and equine animal and he will continue to have an empathetic, healthy and positive influence on all those he comes into contact with.