Horse Aid currently offers 4 programs to support veterans and first responders to improve their mental well being

Programs start in February 2022 – please contact us to register your interest

1 Day Program at Helensburgh, NSW

Join us for a day exploring how horses and Scott’s unique skills can help you, this option could be for you. Held at Scott’s yard in Helensburgh you receive Scott’s personal coaching in a small group environment (10 participants max).

The day runs from 9am to 4.30pm with lunch and refreshments provided.

Download the program info here.

4 Days at Helensburgh, NSW

Spend 4 days immersed in equine therapy at Scott Brodie’s yard.  Supporting both veterans and first responders in mixed groups you will benefit from Scott’s hands-on approach with his thoroughbreds in training.
Runs Tuesday morning to Friday morning and includes 3 nights accommodation.  All meals are provided.

5 Days Residential Kangaroo Valley, NSW

Our 5 day retreats are held at the beautiful Barranca facility located in the sandstone escarpments of the Kangaroo Valley, NSW. An all inclusive and immersive program utilising the power of connection with horses combined with the restful and restorative natural surroundings. Includes 4 nights accommodation and all meals.

“Turn Up Thursdays Volunteering” at Helensburgh, NSW

  • Continue your connection with horses by helping out at the Helensburg yard.
  • Everyone is welcome once you’ve been on one of our programs.
  • No need to book – just turn up.
  • Every Thursday from 10.00.
  • No experience necessary.

Download more info here.

If you have accessibility needs talk to us for a tailored program or contact us HERE

Helping veterans, first responders and their families



Horse Aid offers a range of programs to support you, to  demonstrate how a connection with a horse, or indeed any animal, can help you understand your own emotions.  Using horsemanship techniques our hands on practical one day, and four or five day residential programs offer you the chance to explore this connection.  

We may have tried traditional therapy and counselling and are looking for something else.  A different approach to support your wellbeing strategies. 

Join us in a safe and supportive environment.  Strengthen and regain confidence, self belief, develop social connection and mind skills between horse and human.

No expectations.  No judgements.  No need to explain. 

Just be in the moment.

equine therapy for first aid responders

So far we’ve helped over 190 veterans – you could be one of them.  We welcome First Responders to join us.

No experience with horses is necessary to join one of Horse Aid’s programs.

Common  Questions

Do I need experience with horses?

No you don’t.  It is not necessary for you to know how to ride or have had any experience around horses to benefit from one of our programs.  We will support you regardless.

What is the cost to attend a program?

With the generous support of donations and sponsors we are able to provide the programs at no cost to you.  You are however responsible for getting to and from the program venue.

How do horses help with anxiety?

Where do we start!  

Horses are naturally “present” in their environment, aware of what is around them, how they and those around them feel.  Their natural instincts allow them to respond immediately to change.  An unsure or uncertain horse will move away from you – it’s not rejection simply a safety mechanism to be where they are comfortable. They mirror behaviours around them and once you relax so will they.  Their natural curiosity will take over their and non judgemental way of being will seek you out. 

What do I have to do?

It is your decision on whether you participate fully or only feel able to sit and observe.  We offer you a safe and non judgemental space in which to simply be.

I'm nervous of big animals...

We understand if you are nervous – horses can range from small ponies to large animals.  We won’t force you to do anything you are not comfortable doing.  You can benefit simply by being around them.  We support you in a low pressure, non judgement environment, taking small steps within your comfort zone. 

Is riding invovled?

Our programs are all based around ground work.  There is no riding involved.

Are you psychologists?

No.  We are not qualified therapists but use many years of experinece of working with horses and people to support your mental health.  In fact we feel it is a point of difference.  Many sufferers of mental health challenges have tried traditional therapies with getting the results they are looking for. 

Thank you our sponsors and those donating their time and services

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How You Can Get Involved

Attend a Program

Join one of programs for an experience that may just change your life for the better.

Volunteer Program

Attendees of our programs are welcome and encouraged to get involved in helping others to use horses for their own personal recovery journeys.  We offer volunteering opportunities at the Helensburgh yard. 

Sponsor Program

We are so grateful to our generous sponsors without who’s help the programs would not be available to those who have given their service to their country and communities.  If you’d like to sponsor Horse Aid we’d love to hear from you.

Leadership Programs

Horse Aid is happy to provide Leadership Programs.  Please contact us for more information.

Get in Touch.

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