About Horse Aid

Supporting healing through connection with horses


healing with horses

You might be thinking that all wellbeing programs for veterans and first responders are one and the same.

Lots of talking, perhaps being asked to relive your traumatic experiences, and listening to the experiences of others.

What if you could participate in a fully-funded program where you could just Be?

Where you could be allowed to give your mind a rest. To engage in activities that bring you back to the here and now.

No expectations. No judgements. No explanations.

Our horses offer you that healing space. They live in the moment, they are honest and they do not judge.

Each time you create a connection with a horse, you lay a brick in the pathway back to yourself.

In conjunction with the Thoroughbred and Veteran Welfare Alliance over 190 people have been helped across 18 programs since 2014

helping mental health with horses

How we can help?

The Horse Aid team provides support for your wellbeing and your loved ones through a range of programs.

These programs are tailored to your needs, offering everything from short, informal get-togethers to immersive four day long experiences.

Led by our experienced horse trainer and previous Mounted Police officer, Scott Brodie, each of our programs offer a peaceful, pressure-free and understanding environment.

Our Story

How We Got Started

Scott Brodie has been working with horses, inmates, veterans and those in need of help for many years.  A chance meeting with Jo Barron, fellow horse enthusiast and community engagement professional brought together a plan to bring Scott’s work with the Thoroughbred and Veteran Welfare Alliance to a broader audience.

Where We Are Now

In 2021 it became apparent that in order to develop programs, raise funding and grow capability to deliver programs to meet the growing need of veterans and first responders that a more formal approach was necessary.  Thus Horse Aid was born, a registered non-for-profit that enables sponsors and supporters from individuals to corporates become involved and bring the benefits of an emotional connection with horses  to those in need.

equine therapy for veterans

Get in Touch. Get Involved.