Horsemanship—the medicine you didn’t know you needed.


Just you, a horse and a perfect moment—I will hold that feeling forever!


Fantastic experience—very humbled to be able to attend. Do yourself a favour—come spend tranquil time with the horses.


Learning useful and applicable horsemanship skills within training horses was a great experience and very empowering.  Moving as a group and staying as a group really helped it feel like a safe and healing little bubble. The catering was fantastic! Really felt well looked after and welcomed the entire week.


This has to be one of the best films Ive seen this year. I don’t think I’ve ever heard first hand from Australia veterans or first responders how they have struggled with trauma – its quite straight and to the point. And then to see how their work with the horses changes them – and seeing how at least some of them end up in a much more positive place before – it’s absolutely life changing for these people who give so much to protect Australia. Really inspiring.


Something that really struck me about this film is what happens when we accept that some things can break us. It’s so important that we really acknowledge this and figure out a way to accept that it can happen. Acknowledging brokenness means that we’ll then do everything possible to change the causes for the breaking. Accepting it allows us to help ourselves, and one another, to heal. Being broken doesn’t have to be permanent but denying the break means it never gets a chance to be fixed.


The Healing leaves you understanding the crippling impact PTSD has on a person and shows how the scars left from the mistreatment of human and animal can be healed with empathy and support. The program developed by Scott Brodie and his team is remarkable.
The Healing stays with you long after you leave the theatre. A beautiful story not to be missed.


I had the fortune to witness this documentary and was deeply touched and moved in what was powerfully captured on film that this was a worthwhile project with a sense of hope and this will resonate such an awareness towards our local communities. I do not hesitate recommending this documentary.


If you have ever suffered trauma and felt helplessness and isolation this film is for you. See how helping ex racehorses can help you reconnect in the world again.

Brilliant film. Much watch for all.


The Healing is an incredibly moving story about the relationship between veterans with PTSD and horses traumatised by the racing industry. Working one on one under the direction of Scott Brodie, a trusting relationship develops with benefits for both parties. It’s beautifully photographed and you can see the gradual improvement in the veterans mood as a trusting and joyous experience takes place. The horses learn that they will be treated with love and respect and their trauma diminishes along the journey.

The Healing is a beautiful, transformative experience for viewers.