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About Bazaconi

Breed Thoroughbred
Sire Bianconi (USA)
Dam Bazalgette (AUS)
Date of Birth 18 October 2006
Colour Dark Bay
Markings White stripe, small white dot left foreleg
Stable name Baz
Height 16.1 hh
Likes Apples, liquorice – in fact anything sweet. Baz loves jumping too!
Dislikes Baz hates water whether that’s rain or a bath


Thoroughbred Bazaconi is a direct descendent of the sire line to the Darley Arabian. He was born on 18 October 2006 from mare Bazalgette who was linked to the Royal Mares, and by stallion Bianconi who had 3 huge wins in Ireland and Australia. Bazaconi wasn’t so lucky on the racetrack, winning once at the Moruya Club, but is a striking dark bay horse with an intelligent looking white eye. 

Bazaconi came to Scott at the end of his racing career with a twisted neck, appalling posture, anxiety and constantly in flight mode. Baz became a therapy horse in 2015 to military veterans and went on to help many more veterans to find hope and healing and in turn helped Baz to calm and be less flighty. 

He is now owned by Georgia Young as an equestrian horse. You can follow Baz and Georgia on Instagram @ottbazaconi

Pictures of Bazaconi

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